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Team Members
Safety & Environmental Stewardship

The OIL 2 ENERGY, LLC has been and remains a priority to protect our people and the environment we all share.

To ensure everybody goes home safely, every day, we strive for an accident-free, incident-free workplace. To protect the health and welfare of our workers, contractors, and communities, we are committed to healthy and environmentally responsible operations.


Integrity at the OIL 2 ENERGY, LLC is more than the policies and procedures of business behavior we follow.

With business partners, customers, and the communities where we work and live, we set high standards for ourselves and create faith in each other. We say what we have to do, and then we do it.


Respect is based on the idea that each of us is important and contributes to the achievement of our vision.

With courtesy, integrity, and faith, we handle everyone professionally. We understand how the thoughts of other people can strengthen what we do and we welcome everyone to share their views, ideas, and concerns freely.


In community, history, viewpoint, and experiences, we respect diversity.

We aim to provide a collaborative, welcoming, and inclusive working atmosphere for our employees where they can optimize their full potential for personal and company success. This occurs when our staff, vendors, and other stakeholders feel respected and respect others for who they are.


We are an association of inspired, seasoned professionals who are more than the amount of their training and experience.
To identify and build common values, we actively collaborate with our societies, legislatures, and business partners, creating a meaningful difference together. We encourage constructive, solution-oriented dialogues; we sincerely listen to each other and search for viewpoints different from our own.


At OIL 2 ENERGY, LLC, our ideals are of the utmost importance and the dedication begins from the top down. Our leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that such ideals permeate our company and everything we do. Meet the people in charge of leading the MPC forward.

Board of Directors

For all business activities and processes, our board provides supervision. With a variety of experiences and experiences, we are fortunate to have a board of directors. They see that we all work following our values, that we adhere to strict governance, and that accountability is always upheld.

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